I went to the Meishu Center in Ochanomizu.
It is a shop that collects selected famous sake from sake breweries nationwide.

Not only do you sell sake, liqueur, shochu, etc., but there is also a counter.

You can compare more than 100 types of sake from 200 yen! !! It’s a fun shop (laughs). .. ..

There is also an online shop.

The only sake information magazine in Japan, “Monthly Bimi” (originating from deliciousness?) Has also been published, and it was like a base for transmitting the culture of sake!

Many sake events have been held so far.

As you can see in the photo, there is a collaboration with a popular illustrator, and the appearance is unique, so it is perfect for taking home as a souvenir of Japan.

If you want to enjoy drinking at home by getting local sake that you wouldn’t normally get, please visit Ochanomizu.